BUK Protocol Smart Contracts

This section describes various template smart contracts within the BUK Protocol, their functions and their utilities.

The contracts described here are factory contracts, which are used by asset owners (game developers, event organizers, hotel or airline operators etc.) for their own dAsset tokenization, minting, trading and proliferation on-chain. They cover the on-chain lifecycle of assets creating and unlocking value latent in these dynamic assets. There are multiple smart contracts available:

  1. Tokenization

  2. dNFT Contracts

  3. Treasury Contracts

  4. Marketplace Contracts

  5. Interfaces

Any new dynamic asset shall deploy all or few of these smart contracts. For example, if a event organizer wants their tickets only to be minted as NFTs, but does not permit trading then they will only require Tokenization, NFT and Treasury contracts; if the event organizer wants ticket traded only within their dApp they will also deploy the marketplace contract.

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