Cross Chain contracts

Use cases for cross-chain solutions for dynamic assets:

  • Liquidity aggregation: dAssets may be held across various chains and also listed on marketplaces which operate on different networks. BUK Protocol's cross-chain liquidity aggregation will provide the following features:

    • Data feeds for dAsset NFTs held by a wallet address across all supported chains.

    • Data feeds for dAsset NFT's for a given contract, and listed for sale across all supported chains.

  • dAsset NFT transfer across multiple chains: Messaging layer for a wallet to purchase a dAsset NFT listed on another chain, while maintaining their wallet on the current chain. For example, purchase an NFT listed on Ethereum with a wallet connected to Polygon.

  • Automation rules for distribution of royalties to owners and operators with contracts on one chain, even for transactions occurring on another network, relating to dAssets on their contract.

  • Verifiable Tamper proof randome number generators to create dynamic QR codes or booking IDs to prevent ticket scalping and fake ticketing.

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